Brief information about the azerbaijan diaspora

The members of the Azerbaijani diaspora in Kuwait are about 50 people. There are close relations between the Embassy and the Azerbaijan community. Meetings are arranged and appropriate advice is given to show the realities of our country as it is in Kuwait community and to increase universal activity.

Diaspora delegations are invited to different events organised by the Embassy and they are informed about public-political proses and different current issues in Azerbaijan. The Embassy tries to solve any kind of problems about the troubles of Azerbaijani people living in Kuwait.

Majority of the Azerbaijani people living in Kuwait work as an engineer and in the international or local oil building companies.

The Embassy hold different events for the fruitful work of the “Vetensever” Friendship Committee established in 2011 for the enlightenment and organization of the Azerbaijan Diaspora in Kuwait. “January 20 Victims`` Memorial Day”, “ Khojali Genocide” ,  “Massacre in March 1918”, “Republic Day”, “Nationwide leader H.Aliyev`s birth and death anniversaries”, “Solidarity Day”, “Novruz Holiday” are held by the cooperation of the Embassy and “Vetensever” Friendship Committee

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