State Duties

A charge (amount of money) collected by the government authorities and institutions established by executive government bodies for services and legal actions provided in the exercise of state powers and entailing legal consequences (drawing up and registration of documents, positive feedbacks etc.) 

State Duties for Issuance of a Return Certificate

A relevant amount of money paid by a person applying to the Republic of Azerbaijan for registration of a return certificate is regulated by RA Law on State Duties.

Payment address and amount of state duties to be paid for issuance of a return certificate.

A return certificate is issued to citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan or permanently residing in the Republic of Azerbaijan stateless persons by diplomatic missions or consulates of the Republic of Azerbaijan in compliance with Article 16.1.3 of the RA Law on State Duties approved in 2011.

-       An amount to be paid: 10 USD.

Payment Address

Abroad: corresponding account number provided by diplomatic missions or consulates of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Information about account numbers and bank details are posted on the websites of diplomatic missions and consulates of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Exemption from Payment of State Duties

In compliance with Article 17.7 of the RA Law on State Duties approved in 2001, the following category of citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan do not pay state duties for issuance of a return certificate:

  • diplomatic or service passport holders;
  • citizens studying in foreign countries (a relevant attesting document to be submitted);
  • citizens engaged in pedagogic activities on the state level;
  • citizens released from prisons in foreign countries;
  • deported, readmitted and extradited citizens;
  • victims of human trafficking or RA citizens under Age 18 who obtain a return certificate (a substitute for a passport) in order to return to the country.

Except for the cases specified in the first sentence of the above-mentioned Article,  a citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan is exempted from state duties for a return certificate upon submitting a corresponding document issued by a police department of a foreign country where he/she has lost his/her ordinary passport, or where his/her passport has been stolen.

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