In the Republic of Azerbaijan, the age of marriage is 18 for men and women.
Citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan wishing to enter into marriage must apply in person to the consulate. The authenticity of the signature of the absent party in the application must be confirmed by the consulate.

Required documents:

• Written consent of both parties entering into the marriage;
• Copies of identity documents of the persons entering into the marriage;
• A document confirming permanent or temporary residence in a foreign country;
• Certificate of No Impediment
• Certificate of Health (
• Previously married persons - a copy of the certificate of divorce or a copy of the death certificate of the spouse, or a court decision on the invalidation of the previous marriage or an extract from it (only previously married persons);
• Consular fee: 10 USD

Processing time:

The marriage shall be concluded by the consulate in the presence of persons wishing to enter into marriage not earlier than 1 month from the date of application.
Applicants for marriage must indicate how many marriages they had and how many children they have, and what surname they want to bear after the marriage and must answer the other questions on the application form.
Consulates may refuse to register a marriage.

Marriage between the following persons is not allowed:

1) Close relatives (parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, siblings (common father or mother), brothers and sisters);
2) Close adoptive parents and adopted children;
3) If one or both of the parties applying for marriage are already married with someone else.
4) If one or both of the parties applying for marriage has been identified as incapable by the court due to mental illness.

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