SecurityCouncil must play its role in maintaining international peace and security.

The head of the Kuwait Electronic Media Union, Mr. Faisal Khalifa Es-Sawwagh, condemned the devastating scenes in the areas where the Azerbaijani army managed to liberate it from the #ArmenianArmedForces. During his visit to the liberated regions at the invitation of the Presidential #Administration and the #MFA of #Azerbaijan, he noted that everything, including mosques, buildings, hospitals, destruction and vandalism, murder, expulsion of people from their native lands, such acts as looting of graves leave no doubt that the aggressor was a vandal and a savage. Es-Sawwagh called on the #InternationalCommunity and #IslamicStates to protect their #sovereignty and #territorial_integrity, to support Azerbaijan in defending its citizens in the fight against this brutal aggression, and to take a firm stand in bringing #Armenia to justice for these crimes. Es-Sawwagh also stressed the importance of the UN Security Council's role in maintaining international #security and #peace, the need for Armenians not to violate human rights and international treaties, not to repeat such crimes or to encroach on the sovereignty of neighboring countries, and not to repeat #terrorism.
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