Notary Acts

Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the State of Kuwait is entitled to certify the translation of documents from English.

Documents in English intended to be used in the Republic of Azerbaijan shall be accompanied by notarized translation into Azerbaijani. If a translation into the Azerbaijani is done at the same time as a notarial action (certification of a transaction, certification of the faithfulness of a copy of a document, etc.), the text of the translation is placed on the same sheet as the original: on one page, divided by a vertical line so that the original text is placed on the left side and the translation on the right. The translation must be made from the full text of the document to be translated and must be completed by signatures. The translation, placed on a sheet (sheets) separate from the original, is attached to the original document (stapled), authenticated by the signature of the consul and the official stamp of the consular section of the Embassy.

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